LIFE TRAVELS\\ so i guess life will be venturing into a new chapter once i finish university, which seems to be fast approaching (scary thought). only a year is left of the student lifestyle, and i've heard the last year will fly by. i've met some amazing people from all different walks of life and moved from a small town barely worthy of a dot on a map to a city centre. i thought it might be a wise idea to start thinking a bit more about what i want to do and where i want to be this time next year rather than having a panic nearer the time. i'm forever shrugging my shoulders when i'm asked about what i want to do in the future and i've kind of always mumbled about doing some travelling but never really had the courage to actually do it in the past. don't get me wrong i don't want to go on a life long trip around the world as i couldn't fit life long in a suitcase (i can barely fit two weeks in a suitcase with my packing skills) but i want to go for long enough to see and experience new and exciting cultures. my mumbles are slowly progressing into plans now i'm a bit older, not so much wiser mind. so the saving starts now, the planning will slowly progress over the year and the world will finally be at my feet.

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