LIPS\\ as i was scouting through videos and images from london fashion week i came across this.. the body shop aren't a makeup brand i would classically go to when filling my makeup bag, despite normally seeking some skincare essentials from them. i have to admit my opinion has slightly changed after watching this video from London Fashion Week. the coloured lip looked great with a dewy and fresh complexion and added a modern and futuristic twist to the look. this makeup was to accompany Leutton Postle's collection, and accompany it, it did. i had a very (very very) quick go at this look myself using a variety of different colours (using anything i could find).

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  1. Bristol fashion week sounds amazing, I didn't even know they were having one for definite, shows how clueless I am!
    I loveeee MUA, they're quickly becoming my favourite brand, so affordable and great quality for the prices, too :) xx


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